We are a trading company headquartered in Hong Kong. Our main business is to consult your business on international trading opportunities. We have the innovative solutions to get your business to the next level. Information technology, innovation and a high level of security are an essential element in the way we work. Our trading services can help you find the right markets, enjoy transactional benefits and increase your company’s efficiency. We are a leading provider towards producers and consumers with a commercial channel that will optimize benefits for both. While consumers can count on a stable providence of high quality goods for a reasonable price, producers can be assured of good profits, trading flexibility and continuous operations. GWT is well-known for its capability of expanding businesses into new markets and products. Together with our clients we develop a strategy focused on advantages coming from scale, logistical efficiency and financial benefits. Through our offices around the world and our headquarters in the financial hub Hong Kong we are able to serve our clients on a global scale. This means we can offer you both physical appearance and local knowledge wherever and whenever you need it. ©2013 Great Wall Trading & Procurement. All rights reserved.  |  Design: Jasper Steenhuis  |  Disclaimer